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Article 15.Mar.2013
Playing with Processing.js

Just trying out the Processing.js framework:$MAamB6Hgd/latest

Cool & easy to work with. 

Stuff I'm reading 15.Mar.2013
Banana Yoshimoto: Sueño Profundo

My dog's name is Banana. Her previous owners—my roommates, whom I adopted her from—borrowed the name from the Japanese author Banana Yoshimoto. I just HAD to read something from the writer who's lending my dear furry creature her name.

Article 28.Jan.2013
Spectrum analysis!

This is how the spectrogram of Rachmaninoff playing The Flight Of The Bumblebee looks like – and I think it's beautiful.

Spectrum analysis!

Stuff I'm reading 26.Jan.2013
The Ravenous Brain: How the New Science of Consciousness Explains Our Insatiable Search for Meaning

Don't know about the full book yet, but the part on the philosophy of consciousness has been great so far.

Stuff I'm reading 26.Jan.2013
The Book Of The Future, Sliced And Diced

A New York Times story about a company, Semi-Linear, who's trying to break the book free from its linearity constraints.

Article 14.Jan.2013
Cocina Colaborativa

Idea para formar grupos que compartan alimentos preparados, procurando una alimentación más rica y sana al tiempo que disminuyen las horas de trabajo invertidas individualmente.

Article 25.Oct.2012
Formato para Recibos de Honorarios con CBB (SAT, México), para Numbers de Apple

Acá hay un formato para hacer tus propios recibos de honorarios usando tu Código de Barras Bidimensional (ese se genera a través de Este archivo es para iWork Numbers (Mac).


Article 17.Jul.2012
Dublin Core Metadata: Elements vs Terms

While reading Dublin Core documentation, I've found the names elements and terms used for two different but overlapping groups. After wondering for a couple of days what constituted a term and what was an element, I found the answer: they are basically the same thing, it's only a matter of history and simplicity / complexity. Here's the details:

Article 12.Jul.2012
Número para cancelación de líneas Iusacell

Por alguna razón que no es nada extraña, las empresas de servicios son terriblemente opacas con respecto a sus procesos de cancelación. Ayudando un poco a Iusacell a ofrecer un mejor servicio, acá pongo el manual-no-publicado Cómo cancelar tu línea.

I like this 08.Jul.2012
How to do a "git export" (like svn export)

How to export the content of a git repository to another directory: